Summer Lessons in a Dentist’s Clinic

This summer was a pretty eventful summer for me. I got my first job experience in a dentist’s clinic this summer!

I was the “computer guy” at the clinic. I created reports from the clinic’s appointment calendar software. I pulled up x-ray images from one software and matched them up with the right patient in another software. The dentist helped me identify teeth on the image and I labelled them. I helped fix appointments. I also helped create lists in excel sheets and word files as needed. I came to know about how things function in a dental clinic.

There is a lot more going on at a dentist clinic then what initially meets the eye. Besides, checking-in people at the reception and dental treatment, there are lot of background activities that go on in a clinic — including cleaning and readying instruments, maintaining inventory, maintaining a store room of patient records and impressions, databases etc.

My job at the dentist’s clinic this summer was truly a wonderful one. I learnt a lot, experienced a lot and above all enjoyed a lot.

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2 thoughts on “Summer Lessons in a Dentist’s Clinic

  1. Anish says:

    Hey bro! Never knew u had blog. Anyway sorry about my email my acc has been acting up lately with all those hacking protocols so yeah it hasn’t been a very viable option. How did u get to help a dentist??? Usually here in Canada we get that type of xp in gr 9. So yeah great blog! cya later gator.
    P.S: im just reading this over and i realize how many abrs there r sorry about that just say it out loud. Ru able to understand it? do u guys also talk like this? Is this diff? Tell me pls im interested.

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