My Trip to Diveagar

Recently, I visited Diveagar, a small village which is a 4 hour drive from Pune. We stayed in one of our friend’s cousin’s  house.

Day 1:

After leaving from Pune, we stopped at a restaurant called ‘Quick Bites’. After a long 4 hour ride, we finally reached Diveagar. We had dinner, watched the movie ‘Black Beard’s Ghost’ and then went to sleep.


Day 2:

We woke up knowing we had a long day in front of us. After waking up we got ready, ate breakfast and went to the beach to play. After coming all of us had a bath, ate lunch and then watched the popular movie ‘20,000 Leagues Under the Sea’. In the evening, we went down to the beach and went on some amazing water rides. After coming back, we had a quiet dinner and then dozed off….

Day 3:

After having a good night’s sleep, we had breakfast and then went down to the beach for a stroll during which some of us built a sand castle. After coming back, we lazed around and played some cricket. As soon as we had lunch, we left for Pune. This time too we stopped at ‘Quick Bites’, had a snack and reached Pune only in the night….

Thus, our wonderful Diveagar trip ended……



2 responses to “My Trip to Diveagar”

  1. Wow! Quick bites, sand castle, beach rides, cricket… And movies… A great combination called extreme fun!!! siddhu, very well narrated. …

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