My Grandfather: Reliving his Childhood

Recently, my mothers father a.k.a my grandfather visited Disneyland in Hong Kong and Universal Studios in Singapore. He had been planning the trip for a while and looked pretty excited.He went with Kesari and along with a senior citizens group.

He turned 80 recently and I admire him for going on this trip.

Personally, I LOVE amusement parks. But, when you cross horrifying experiences , stomach churning coasters and awesome stimulation, you get-HEAVEN.

When I visited Universal Studios in Singapore, my favourite rides were the Transformers 4D ride and of course, any child’s favourite ride, the Battlestar Galactica, which is a high speed, turbulent ride good enough to make anyone’s day.

Now, my grandfather might have liked the New York storm stimulation, which was pretty cool. Also, he might have liked the water rafting ride by the end of which you encounter a dinosaur and get thrown into the water. 🙂

Me, i have never been to Disney Land in Hong Kong, so I don’t know much about that place.

But, incidentally, I visited Disney Land in Paris. But, i can’t remember a lot of that place and my experiences, but I remember enough to make me feel jealous that my grandfather got to go….

HE enjoyed the rides and truly relived his childhood.


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P.S: Oh, the envy though!! 😉