Indiana Jones series

The Indiana Jones series of movies are truly wonderful entertainment. Adventure, fantasy, suspense and emotion really catch the viewers mind.

These movies have been some of my favourite movies growing up.

You haven’t lived till you have watched these movies of a adventurous,fun loving archeologist. I truly recommend watching this movie to all of my friends.


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2 thoughts on “Indiana Jones series

  1. Premnath says:

    I love Indiana Jones! And I wish being a “scientist” and academic was full of adrenaline pushing excitement for everybody. Is it not strange that the Indiana Jones movies are full of non- science and they chose to project him as a scientist?

    Enough of the rationalising. What is fun need not be logical or scientific.

    • admin says:

      I agree. That is strange. Now that I think about it, ive not really thought about that too much. 🙂

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