Impractical Jokers

Impractical Jokers is a reality hidden camera television show shot in New York City and New Jersey. The first episode appeared on TV on December 15 2011. It follows four lifelong friends, namely:

Joseph Gatto (Joe), Brian Quinn (Q), James Murray (Murr) and Salvatore Vulcano (Sal).

Joe is the oldest of them and my favorite joker. Q is an unruly chap with a ridiculous hairstyle. Murr is an overconfident scrawny guy. Sal is comparatively well mannered and is obsessed with cleanliness.


In the show, the guys challenge and embarrass each other with omnifarious dares in various public places. It is different from other comedy shows as here; the jokers do not know the details of the challenge/dare till the last minute. Before every dare, they introduce the place they are in and what the challenge is. The opening dialogues before each episode are (season 3 onwards):

Sal- Prepare for something amazing!

Q- Hey mustache, what’s up?

Murr- I want my mommy!

Sal- I will NEVER forgive you!

Joe- Larry!


For every completed challenge they get a thumbs up and a thumbs down for every failed one. At the end of the episode, the joker with the most thumbs down loses and has to take a punishment, which is decided by the rest of the jokers.


They play games such as asking for signatures, acting as workers in different restaurants and playing around with bullhorns. The punishments range from picking up poop to singing funny songs, explaining power point presentations to giving speeches and stealing to wearing embarrassing dresses.


The stats for the thumbs up, thumbs down and punishments for the jokers are:


Jokers Punishments Thumbs up Thumbs down
Joe 23 90 160
Murr 30 112 143
Q 23 90 161
Sal 32 105 151


The jokers got the top prize in NBC’s ‘Its Your Show’ sketch comedy contest. This show has also been received well by most critics.


I personally really enjoy watching the show. It is highly entertaining and is undoubtedly one of the wackiest and funniest T.V shows that have existed to this day. On the contrary, my mother doesn’t really approve of the show and although she finds it mildly amusing, she thinks it is ‘yucky’. My father pretends he doesn’t like it but he does enjoy it although he finds some challenges embarrassing.


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4 thoughts on “Impractical Jokers

  1. J says:

    You are incorrect with the ages of the Jokers. Joe isn’t the oldest (I thought the same based on looks). Q is actually the oldest with his bday in March; Murr is next oldest with his bday in May; Joe’s bday is in June and Sal’s bday is in November.

    • Siddharth says:

      Im not sure about the episode number but the episode aired on 20 December 2013. The jokers are in a retail store and Murr is challenged to say “Mommy?! Mommy?!”.

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