Football tournament in Bangalore

Tournament Day 1

Today, I woke up with a thought, a thought about a stadium, a thought about Bangalore, a thought that took me about 8 months back.

It was the 9th of September, and for the first time, I was feeling energetic on a Friday afternoon. After a meal and a quick wash-up, I left for my coach’s house. We were about to take part in the All India U-15 football tournament in Bangalore at the Kantirava stadium. At our coach’s house, we had a short photography session and then left for Pune airport in two cars. After reaching, we all got a banana, a samosa and an appy. After entering the airport, we were introduced to our coach’s old student: Akshay, who now worked as a ‘groundsman’ at the airport. After some introduction’s, we went through security check and waited for our flight at gate no.8. At around 6:45 pm, we left Pune and reached Bangalore at around 9. We then travelled to our hotel, ‘Hotel Geo’ in a private bus. After reaching, we had a short meal and then dozed off.

Next morning, I woke up knowing it was an exciting day for all of us. We woke up, washed up, had breakfast and left for the stadium. That day’s scores were:

UPSA (A) V Boka Juniors B [1-1]

UPSA (A) V K.V Goa [3-0]

UPSA (A) V Jinki Maria [10-0]

UPSA (B) V E.K. Sports [0-3]

UPSA (B) V Trio [1-3]

UPSA (B) V Kovalam FC Blue [1-4]

UPSA A qualified for the knockouts. We walked back to Hotel Geo and washed up. Following that, we had dinner and went to sleep at around 9:30.