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  • Physics Investigatory Project, Class 12

    Over the summer vacations of 2018, I worked on a wearable pulse meter. I really enjoyed doing this!     For others interested in doing something similar, here is a useful link:  

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  • Chemistry Investigatory Project, Class 12

    Over the summer of 2018, I worked at the National Chemical Laboratory and at Venture Center to synthesise gold nanoparticles and detect heavy metal ions. Working at a proper lab was a new and  fun experience!    

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  • 10th Standard Farewell Speech

    The journey ahead beckons – fare well! By Siddharth Premnath, Class X-H   “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.” Good Morning to one and all present here. My name is Siddharth Premnath from 10th H and today; I stand in front of you to thank you all for being part of my life’s journey, and wish you all the best in life. I want to start off with how I got here. In the September of 2003, my parents and me left India and went to UK. This was because my mother was completing her post doctorate

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  • 10 Standard CBSE 2016-17 Question Papers

    Hindi-CBSE 2016-17 Maths-CBSE 2016-17 English-CBSE 2016-17 Science-CBSE 2016-17 Social Science-CBSE 2016-17

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  • Friendship

    Friendship By Siddharth Premnath for morning assembly on 1 Sep 2015 in DAV Public School, Pune.   The pleasures of friendship are exquisite, How pleasant to go to a friend on a visit! I go to my friend, we walk on the grass, And the hours and moments like minutes pass. This is how the British poet Stevie Smith describes Friendship in her poem “Pleasures of Friendships”. Good morning, my dear Friends! I am Siddharth Premnath and let us celebrate the spirit of friendship today. Friendship is, undoubtedly the greatest gifts you can ever get. It is a relationship of

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  • Srinivas Ramanujam: Life and legacy

    Srinivas Ramanujam: Life and legacy By Siddharth Premnath Speech prepared for assembly on 22nd December 2015 at DAV Public School, Pune, India. Today is 22nd December-National Mathematics Day and the birthday of Srinivas Ramanujam, the great Indian mathematician. Let us remember his life and legacy on this day in honor of him. Good Morning everyone! I am Siddharth Premnath of class 9th H and today, I am here to speak about the life of Ramanujam and the lessons learnt from it. Ramanujam’s life-story is one of passionate pursuit of knowledge and excellence in very difficult circumstances. His short but inspiring

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  • CBSE Class 9 Question papers

    Here are the CBSE class 9 question papers for Sa-1 in the year 2015-16. English (pdf) Mathematics (pdf) Science (pdf) Social Science (pdf) Hindi (pdf)    

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  • How the President of India is elected?

    Just figured out how the President of India is elected (Social Studies, Class VIII). Here is an excel sheet that simulates an election and how votes are calculated. How-the-President-of-India-is-elected More info:

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