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  • A historic evening with Anne Frank’s stepsister: Eva Schloss (At the University of Minnesota)

    Eva’s life started in 1929 in a very happy, loving Jewish family in Vienna. Her brother, Heinz, was three years older and was a reader, musician, and painter. As a six year old, he would read out books and tell Eva the stories. At school, Eva noted that although jews and catholics were allowed to be friends, they were separated during their respective religion classes. Fast forward a few years to 1938, and Nazi Germany annexed Austria. Nine year old Eva was shocked by the sudden display of Swastikas on the streets by her friends. She also noted that her

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  • Talk by Dr. Raghunath Mashelkar

    I attended a talk by Dr. Raghunath Mashelkar at Pune University recently on the occasion of the 30th foundation day for NCCS(National Centre for Cell Sciences). “From Incremental to Disruptive Game Changing Innovation” was the topic of his talk, and I learned a lot from the talk; what innovation is, and what disruptive innovation is as compared to incremental innovation. After the talk, I got an opportunity to take a picture with Dr Mashelkar.

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  • How the First World War ended? A movie!

    I recently made a short movie on how the first world war ended. The video content and information is from on YouTube. Check out their channel if you’re interested in some amazing content.  

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  • Friendship

    Friendship By Siddharth Premnath for morning assembly on 1 Sep 2015 in DAV Public School, Pune.   The pleasures of friendship are exquisite, How pleasant to go to a friend on a visit! I go to my friend, we walk on the grass, And the hours and moments like minutes pass. This is how the British poet Stevie Smith describes Friendship in her poem “Pleasures of Friendships”. Good morning, my dear Friends! I am Siddharth Premnath and let us celebrate the spirit of friendship today. Friendship is, undoubtedly the greatest gifts you can ever get. It is a relationship of

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  • Srinivas Ramanujam: Life and legacy

    Srinivas Ramanujam: Life and legacy By Siddharth Premnath Speech prepared for assembly on 22nd December 2015 at DAV Public School, Pune, India. Today is 22nd December-National Mathematics Day and the birthday of Srinivas Ramanujam, the great Indian mathematician. Let us remember his life and legacy on this day in honor of him. Good Morning everyone! I am Siddharth Premnath of class 9th H and today, I am here to speak about the life of Ramanujam and the lessons learnt from it. Ramanujam’s life-story is one of passionate pursuit of knowledge and excellence in very difficult circumstances. His short but inspiring

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  • Heelys

    In the summer of 2013, I had visited Singapore. To reach there, I had to wait at the Malaysian airport for a while, as there wasn’t a direct flight from India to Singapore. There, I saw some Malaysian kids skating around…. but they were skating in a weird way, with their toes pointing upwards. Then I realised that they weren’t skating but ‘heeling’ (as I came to know later). Now, what is heeling? Well it is basically skating with shoes with wheels known as Heelys. Heelys are a brand of shoes that has one or more wheels embedded in each

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  • Natural’s Ice-cream by the Juhu Scheme

    Naturals ice cream — great stuff! I love it!

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  • Summer Lessons in a Dentist’s Clinic

    This summer was a pretty eventful summer for me. I got my first job experience in a dentist’s clinic this summer! I was the “computer guy” at the clinic. I created reports from the clinic’s appointment calendar software. I pulled up x-ray images from one software and matched them up with the right patient in another software. The dentist helped me identify teeth on the image and I labelled them. I helped fix appointments. I also helped create lists in excel sheets and word files as needed. I came to know about how things function in a dental clinic. There

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  • Child Prodigies

    What is a child prodigy? A child prodigy is a child who performs something amazing or extraordinary which is at a accomplished adults level. In todays world, I find child prodigies one of the most fascinating things I know. child prodigies are spread all across the world and  also are of a wide range range of ages/ Just recently a 2 year old potty trained himself at the age of one, after reading how to! The first ever child prodigy I knew was Sheldon Cooper, from the well known T.V show, the Big Bang Theory. He apparently finished high school

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