Month: April 2017

  • 10th Standard Farewell Speech

    The journey ahead beckons – fare well! By Siddharth Premnath, Class X-H   “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.” Good Morning to one and all present here. My name is Siddharth Premnath from 10th H and today; I stand in front of you to thank you all for being part of my life’s journey, and wish you all the best in life. I want to start off with how I got here. In the September of 2003, my parents and me left India and went to UK. This was because my mother was completing her post doctorate

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  • Chandrashila Chopta: A Learning Experience

    It all started a few weeks ago when a good friend of my family told me that I should go for a trip with the Pune based tour company, ‘Foliage’ this summer after my 10th standard board exams. Well, I had heard of the company before from friends but had never really gone for a trip with them on my own. After some mild reluctance in the beginning, I agreed to go on a trek to Chandrashila Chopta with Foliage from the 19th to the 25th of April 2017.   Day 1(19/04): Well, the trek started out pretty awkwardly for

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  • 10 Standard CBSE 2016-17 Question Papers

    Hindi-CBSE 2016-17 Maths-CBSE 2016-17 English-CBSE 2016-17 Science-CBSE 2016-17 Social Science-CBSE 2016-17

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