SIddharth Premnath

Antimicrobial Peptides

Engineering the antimicrobial peptide enterocin B, a potential alternative to traditional antibiotics, to enhance its stability, selectivity and overall activity against a subset of multi-resistant bacterial strains.

Advisor: Prof. Benjamin Hackel


Developed encapsulation strategies for a temporary respiratory pacemaker using polymeric materials and organic electronics at the Querrey Simpson Institute for Bioelectronics.

Advisor: Prof. John Rogers.


Carried out comprehensive needs identification in the elderly with hearing loss via clinical immersion using the Stanford Biodesign methodology (IDENTIFY phase). Identified and screened need statements for further advancement in the INVENT and IMPLEMENT phases.

Advisor: Prof Anurag Mairal

In brief

Siddharth premnath

I am a chemical engineer and a class of 2023 graduate of the chemical engineering and materials science (CEMS) department of the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. Soon, I shall be joining Caltech to pursue a PhD in Chemical Engineering (Caltech CCE). My research interests focus on the application of chemical engineering and material science to understand and invent solutions for pressing problems in human health.

I was born and brought up in Pune, India. My current interests outside of work include soccer, rock climbing, chess, tennis, world history and current events.

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